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The Forestias Property

Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited, a real estate development and investment company has launched a mega residential and mixed-use eco-friendly development project under the brand The Forestias.

The progressively designed residential concept evolves around healthy and nourishing family values, nurturing happy neighborly relations and healthy family relationships. It’s a genius architectural model/ concept/thought, which integrates interior and space design philosophy into sustainable inner happiness and fulfillment in life by providing the right environment in terms of space, ecology, nature, and ergonomy.

Social architecture is perhaps a new form of rediscovery for cohesion and comfort within our bustling urban lifestyles, and The Forestias certainly promises the necessary fulfillment, luxury, nature and personal freedoms to live in comfort.

The conception of The Forestias is a result of global partnerships which bring together the revitalizing greens of the forest, the mutual bonding of family structures, the evolutionary transcendence from traditional to modern social norms and living (otherwise a bridge between generation X and generation Y), the interconnectivity between siblings and peers, the playfulness of life as well as the longing to continuously play in life; no matter what the age, and of course the ultimate social sanctuary which we all call HOME.

Not surprisingly the campaign goes with a very fitting hashtag #imaginehappiness.

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