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Giorgio Armani’s Spring Summer Collection Photoshoot By Sarah Moon

Sarah Moon Photoshoot Giorgio Armani

Sarah Moon’s artistic narrative is indeed an original series of fashion portraits telling the story of the Giorgio Armani’s Spring Summer tales and inspitrations.

Abstract, blurred, colorful, thought-provoking, undeniably unique and loveable!! … reflecting on the photographic intellect and how Sarah Moon writes with her lens the scenario of Giorgio Armani’s Spring Summer 2018 collections.

There’s a lyrical emphasis on the color blend and on the materials, the creative vision of the observant photographer adding her own light into the collection as designed by the celebrated fashion designer.

Canadian model Simon Nessman & Polish model Daga Ziober get absorbed into the fame, wearing the new collection with their emotional portrayals, drawn into the storyline of a fashion/art scene. No wonder, the practiced photographer has an excited fan base within the household high-end labels, celebrated brands; creative directors, eminent editors, and art devotees.