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James Wisit Brings Color & Life

james wisit

Contemporary artist Wisit Techasirikosol’s latest art exhibition at River City Bangkok, fittingly titled “No Wall”, invites viewers to board a journey through thought-provoking colors and forms. Struck by the vibrancy and deeply visual art which James brings to his canvas, my overall impression surpassed the expectation of a mere visit. His passion for the colors and of life’s intricacies is evident in his strokes.

From canvas to other parallel elements, he blends his thoughts colorfully, with the physicality of each wall, creating a sensory experience that catches the viewer. Symmetric boundaries let you traverse. His artwork is merely a visual pleasure and an exploration of existence and how me, you and they see what ahead.

james wisit

Amidst the emotional depth and questions, there’s a sense of hope and transformation in James’s vibrancy. I guess it’s the inner resilience of our humanity, hinting that even in our challenging moments of everyday life, there is another dimension when we can communicate in the affairs of artistic colors.

I visited the “No Wall” exhibition at River City Bangkok in February 2024 at RCB Photographer’s Gallery, 2nd floor, River City Bangkok.

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