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Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holstein was born in 1956 in Bienebek, the area of the remarkable city of Kiel, northern Germany. Between 1976-1981 she studied Fine Arts in Hamburg.

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During the Beuys-Warhol Exhibition ART Capital in Düsseldorf, she met Andy Warhol who, subsequently, invited her as an art assistant to his “Factory” in New York, where she spent five years. She recalls this period as influential to her further direction, a period of intellectual engagement with European and American Art.

Whereas Andy Warhol shows the surface of things, I try to show the hidden behind the visible and sayable.

Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holstein

Le Link Bkk Art The Silomer

My works show the non-representational and immaterial, they reflect the reality beyond a physically comprehensible scenery.

Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holstein

Between 1984 and 1986 she creates a large-size cycle of paintings for the main church, St. Katharinen Kirche, in Hamburg, Germany. Hereafter a period of fruitful collaboration with the Polish Composer Augustyn Bloch led to important co-productions, music and fine art appearing as congenial complement one- to-another. The freedom and the immaterial of music play an important role in her œuvre until today.

Le Link Bkk Art The Silomer

In the recent five years, Ingeborg has spent a long time in China with the aim of understanding Chinese Culture and Thinking. At present, she is living in Hamburg.

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