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Male & Female Diversity & Sexual Acceptance

Museum Siam Gender Illumination

Museum Siam’s latest exhibition is a reflection and attention of the belief that sexual diversity is a matured personal norm of human beings.

Sexual multiplicity is no doubt a common societal mark in today’s multidimensional and enables life to attain a colorful facet throughout our co-society In Thailand. Sexual culture is something that is constantly emergent. The exhibition is perceived to create an open dialogue within the society, and nurture a notion of sincerity, broad-mindedness and accepting culture.

The exhibition invites everyone to unclutter their minds. Learn how the diversity of sexuality indeed defines us today as a society.

Despite personal and individual variances, we should all absorb and tolerate our social differences and encourage that variation of human nature which make life’s puzzle ever more interesting, multi-character and current.

It’s the togetherness in our thoughts which should take first thought when appreciating our social bearings as a modern culture.

” Sex and Sexuality”  Exhibition is open from 17 May to 30 September 2018, every Tuesday – Sunday and public holiday.

(Closed every Monday) from 10.00 – 18.00

* Free admission

Group request is available at 02-225-2777 ext. 411

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