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Neighborhood Cafe | Too Good For You

Too Good For You

Too Good For You is a neighborhood cafe which has a refreshing floral element at the core of it’s offering and they clearly express that on their FB description with “Flowers doesn’t solve all problems but it’s a good start”.

A beautiful, new young Café in the neighborhood of Sathorn, inspired by flowers, colors, and vibrancy. Sakura is in the air giving visitors with all the add-ons of springtime rejuvenation.

Too Good For You

The café is located on a 9th floor and is decorated with interiors which undeniably give you the botanic garden hint and ambiance… and naturally, bring you that freshness the moment you enter. It has a wonderful mix of color therapy and laid back youthfulness in the atmosphere. The décor is most definitely camera-friendly with walls heaving with floral blossoms.

The offering in the menu follows the same line of thought and it’s worthwhile considering the aromas given in the floral teas and creatively refreshing mixed beverages.

Mind you, as a bonus… with your “let’s visit” attitude, did you know that IG has introduced a new IGTV App? So there you go, here’s an address and a new app to put together and try them both, in style too.

Too Good for You
9th floor, 78 North, South Sathorn Road, Bangkok

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