Put Your Sales Plans Into Action

Put Your Business Plans Into Action

| Retailing Throughts.

One of the industry-specific newsletters which I receive on a daily basis had one of its subtitles as follows: “Busy Shopping Days In 2018”, signifying the importance of the big push this for any specific given ocassion.

Heightened business turnover and volumes are always around the corner. It’s time to revitalize your “window displays”, reboot and encourage your team in terms of morale and motivation, gauge your pricing strategies, replenish every detail and every corner of your shop, reorganize the shipping and checkout policies, create special promotions and gift packages and improve your conveyance mechanisms in terms of your all-encompassing product offerings.

A lot needs to be done for the rebooting of your core strenths too: knock knock, your team. Energy levels are high. There’s excitement in the air and new ideas are springing up every day! On Monday you even have a comprehensive monthly sales and marketing meeting scheduled.

Remember. “Without action, the best intentions in the world are nothing more than that; Intentions.” So It’s time to act!

Five-point to consider for planning a “heightened” campaign for your business.
First let’s all agree that unlike the customary Thai or Asian mentality of the boss commanding and the rest following, you will need to set up a task force to manage the business operations and achieve your targets collectively. Otherwise, it’s same scenario different day…

Put your team together! Get yourself together too:

  1. First, it is important to outline the challenges and imagine the possible outcomes; winning outcomes for your business. This will give you a clear idea about situations which may arise during the heightened season.
  2. Personalize the priorities. If your boutique manager or customer service team will be on the front line, make sure to assess their readiness and boost their motivation for the customer onslaught. Responsibilities should be clearly adapted to each person’s ability and of course capacity.
  3. It is also wise to discuss with experienced people who “have been there and done that”. Address your shortcomings objectively for maximum preparedness.
  4. Evaluate and estimate failure risks. If you usually have 2 persons on the ground which serve customers, then hire additional CS team members for maximal efficiency.
  5. Align your processes. Make sure the how-tos are clarified for team members. Build connectivity instead of conflict with the communivation lines.
  6. Make your solutions visually appealing for your entire team.

Reaching The Targets:

  • Set your sales targets and diverge them per person. Give each person the responsibility and opportunity to take charge and prove themself.
  • Create the healthy competition by group performace indicators.  Nothing drives greater than the urge for personal successes.
  • Rehearse through role-playing. Create compelling involvement. Let your team master their self-belief and confidence.

“Those who manage to sell the idea will also manage to sell the product”.

  • Work on your closing strategies tactfully and ensure everyone is ready to follow suit.
  • Create the mapping board for planned introductions, persuation and negotiations and closings.
  • Establish scales for daily assessments. Stay focused on the heightened business momentum.

Pitch your business towards success:

Beyond long-term plans and future prospects, there’s nothing more encouraging for every business than an optimistic future outlook or an expected period of heightened seasonal sales.

Day to day successes allow first and foremost customer satisfaction, increases team competence and very importantly generates direct income. That’s what matters.

Prepare and celebrate.

Do it with passion,
The Silomer