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Rendezvous at Café Claire for Afternoon Tea

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The rendezvous’ for Café Claire’s Afternoon Tea is certainly a must-try occasion for every chatty, conversation loving invitee.

Cafe Claire Afternoon Tea

Now, there’s an antithesis of approaches to this enticing culinary bidding when it comes to the sexes.

For men, to begin on the greyer side, the proposition definitely holds a huge, enticing and tasteful journey into an edible experience, a dive into a selection of mouthwatering desserts on a sunny and maybe’ careless Bangkokian afternoon, practiced concurrent to the tea sip and the book read…

For women, on the other hand, this is definitely a holistic plenary treat which covers the full narrative. A feminine affair at the wonderful, Parisienne-chic interiors of the delightful Café Claire, in an elegantly comfortable setting which breeds a conversational atmosphere between her and her.

Cafe Claire’s Afternoon Tea, speaking in current terms, is a perfect social venue for guests, as the lens-inciting gastro trays trigger the #IG stories and postings, creating a wider conversation beyond the delectable tastes. It becomes a personal affair and Café Claire turns into a favored location of what women very possessively call; their Afternoon Tea!.

Here’s why you should try the Afternoon Tea at Café Claire.

The unabridged overall experience is fabulous! The visual features, as well as the way the dishes and snacks are prepared, laid out, and presented, are very inspiring and appealing, for the taste and the lens buds.

Café Claire’s Executive Chef Chawaphol, who has built at the Oriental Residence Bangkok a credible standing for his gastro curations and a unique alignment to taste mixes, has conjured yet another seduction to your sweet cravings; “The Duchesse”; a raspberry lemon macaron, (salivating already?) decked with raspberry fruit, cream and chocolate comes as a signature bite.

Well, perhaps assuredly, even the coldest-hearted would be dazed by the color and taste ecstasies of this particular Duchesse.

When Cafe Claire’s getting rave appreciation then it’s time to make the Rendezvous.

Cafe Claire’s Afternoon Tea is drawing cheers in reviews and feedback on Social Media, with one reviewer quoted “I would love to bring my girlfriends back here after our shopping… and indulging in these delicious treats”. Now, that says it all.

It’s certainly a social affair par exemple, adding to the professionally prepared treats such as the St Honoré cakes and the madeleines, which are favorites amongst the crowd. Additionally, the offering is paired with a selection of premium TWG teas, with two refillable teapots so the guests enjoy different teas with hot or iced options. Charming!.

Concludingly, If you have a flair for Afternoon Teas, you need to sin, you need to indulge yourself in Cafe Claire’s Afternoon Tea experience, expectantly to be pampered and delighted at the contemporary yet traditionalist environment of the Oriental Residence Bangkok, enjoying your Afternoon Tea or High Tea as some other luxury venues call it, in delectable style and accommodating hospitality.

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