Art & Culture

Blush & Stunning Art Creations at The Athenee Hotel

ratchawoot kuruwongwattana

Visiting The Athenee Hotel in Bangkok for a business meeting, as always, you have an inner instinct that there will be a cultural immersion and an artistic corner. Wasn’t surprised this time too! I had the pleasure to discover a special exhibition at the artist’s zone. The exhibition known as ‘Mind Planetarium’ by Ratchawoot Kuruwongwattana, was indeed a visual submission of vibrational colors, creatively composed craft, made with a traditional Thai art form, an ancient practice, using white clay and glue, and dropping colors on a bursting canvas.

The artistic work is elaborately vivid, neat, intricate, and detailed. The pieces are fair sized, yet upon closer inspection, they reveal stunning tapestry of colors, with vibrant tones and forms.

The “Vibrational Colors” transcend visually into an oriental Thai lifestyle and philosophy of harmony, and expressionism. The creations pulsate with energy, inviting viewers to contemplate the interconnectedness of their own surroundings and maybe inner artful appetites.

As you wander, you get a sense of admiration at the beauty and complexity of artists creations. It’s a momentary immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression on visitors. Highly recommended, to follow artists exhibitions and take the time to visit upcoming shows.