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Gigi Dining Hall & Bar | Dolce Vita Vibes in Sukhumvit

gigi dining hall

Well positioned within the energetic Sois of Bangkok, a culinary spot offers a bit more than dining; Gigi Dining Hall & Bar is an Italian eatery that emits energy, delicious cuisine with a socially charged comfortable ambiance. The minute you step inside, Gigi Dining Hall and Bar envelops you in a medley of colors, and an immediate sense of; “Ok, I came to the rights place!”.

Located in the busy district of Phrom Phong, Gigi catches you with its enchanting décor. The beautiful flora intertwine well with the interiors, creating an environment that hints of Italy’s cafes. Dolce vita vibes are fused into the design, inviting you to unwind with your immediate surroundings.

The menu at Gigi fits a classic Italian cuisine, created with a Bangkok twist. We began our culinary trials with a salad that was unlikely to be ignored. The wine and cocktail offerings were also great and full of good choices. Coolness of course, pairs impeccably with the hot Bangkok mood, so we opted for the “whites”, with sips that elevated our experience. The cocktail list is also refreshing, creating the right mood, and the bar team are ready to try concoctions that complement expectations.

Gigi Dining Hall and Bar is a charm for the sight and palate, as well as a great place for friendships. The ambiance makes it an ideal destination for gatherings with friends. As you share laughter, the spirit of Gigi blends your conversations with an added layer of warmth.

While every dish seems to be professionally created, we thought the seafood dishes deserve good culinary praise. There seems to be a commitment to quality inside the kitchen team and management.

Concludingly, if you’re looking for a socially charged dolce vita atmosphere in the Sukhumvit area, try Gigi Dining Hall and Bar.

Here’s their details:

Soi Sukhumvit 45, Bangkok, Thailand, Bangkok
Phone: 02 662 4478
FB: @gigidininghall.bangkok
IG: @gigidininghall.bangkok
Dine-in · Outdoor seating · In-store pickup

For this review write-up we used the photos courtesy of @gigidininghall.bangkok FB page gallery.