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Cetara Bangkok, A Mediterranean Culinary Experience

cetara restaurant bangkok

Looking for a Mediterranean dining experience? Cetara Bangkok is an elegant restaurant located in the heart of Sathorn, managed by a team of Italian chefs. A relatively new restaurant which offers delicious dishes, tastefully prepared and professionally presented.

Of course, the ambiance is enchanting and warm, with beautiful décor that certainly resonates with Mediterranean charm. Reminiscent of coastal Greek or Italian taverns, the restaurant offers what is expected, a unique culinary experience. Some may like it, others may not. For us, it checked all the boxes. 

The menu at Cetara Bangkok features a selection of dishes made with fresh ingredients, and the good news is, they’re homemade. Each dish is thoughtfully prepared, reflecting the vibrant culinary traditions for which the Mediterranean cuisine is so popular for. With a fantastic blend of traditional and contemporary interpretations, every bite at Cetara is distinct and flavorful.

cetara restaurant bangkok

Service was also good for us, with the staff’s attention to detail and passion for their cuisine making The Silomer guests feel welcome. Whether you’re a foodie or a newcomer to the Mediterranean palette, the servers’ attentiveness is on hand to guide guests through their dining experience.

cetara restaurant bangkok

Ideally, a relaxing 3rd floor balcony is suited for drinks and canapés upon arrival… our visit began with delightful drinks served with typical Thai ease.

The Silomer

Seafood lovers are in for a treat at Cetara Bangkok. The restaurant’s authentic seafood dishes showcase the rewards of “the sea” and highlight the delicate flavors of Mediterranean cuisine. Homemade pasta steals the spotlight on the menu, and in general, we felt that every dish was prepared with love. The excellent pairing with some great wines elevated our dining experience and left our group of foodies satisfied and definitely wanting more 😊.

In conclusion, for a after-office hours dining experience, Cetara offers an enjoyable choice in the Silom, Sathorn neighborhood of Bangkok. A colorful and lively restaurant, run by seasoned chefs. An added aspect of Cetara is its intimate atmosphere. Those who appreciate and try it, would know. Cin cin!

Cetara Italian Restaurant
Sathorn 12, Bangkok – +66 61 268 8634 –
FB: @cetarabangkok