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Home is somewhere one lives permanently. The feeling of sensational peace in a cozy environment; the feeling of relief when you enter the place.

Many of us, people seek for “home”, the place where we find peace within ourselves, escaping the chaotic life of society. However, a number of people try to escape their home for many reasons such as job opportunities, better education, hoping to find their better place for better life to have a better home and of course some succeed and some failed.

Bangkok, a charming, culturally diverse city which blends the sense of bustling streets of noise is an attractive place where most people visit regularly. There are a ton of job opportunities where many people around the country consider it as their destination to achieve a better home.

The way people live in the capital city of Thailand can possibly be inferred as a big pitfall that attracts outsiders to get trapped with a variety of fascinating aspects; religions, cultures, societies, economies and in particular the lives of Bangkokians.

The layer of Thai social class – upper, middle and lower classes, impacting on people life, which enhance the curiosity of outsider for further exploratory in the meaning of life. Inspiring by the American Painter, Edward Hopper, his imagery of figures within urban settings go well beyond their role as modern cityscapes, exposing the underbelly of the human experience portraying the isolation of the individual within the modern city.

“Sweet home” is a photographic series interpreting part of a story or one suggestive life of people from many parts of Thailand who came to seek their fortune in many different aspects and relocated to Bangkok.

These series of photographs are neither representing the positive or negative sides of life in the city because it would always result from a combination of both. Rather, it portrays that every life in the city has its own fascinated story, whether rich or poor, surrounded by good or bad circumstances — there will always be some beauty elements that illustrate the unique characteristic of the individual lives in an impeccable perspective.

Opening: 29 July, 18:30 – 21:00
Exhibition Dates: Wednesday 27 June – Thursday 7 August
Leica Gallery, Gaysorn Plaza.