Printing in Thailand Has Never Been Easier

Gogoprint Disruption

Thanks to the online printing services provided by Gogoprint Group, it is now possible to order printed marketing materials without going through sales reps in five Asian-Pacific countries: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia.

Gogoprint Disruption

This is good news for entrepreneurs who don’t have much time to spend on the phone: Gogoprint’s digital platform allows users to place orders in just a couple of clicks. Upload your own design, choose one from available templates or use Gogoprint’s design services and place an order. If there are any artwork mistakes that need to be taken care of, Gogoprint will send you an email with the detailed explanation of what needs to be done.

Gogoprint Disruption

It doesn’t matter if you order a small box of business cards or a big batch of branded woven bags; all orders are processed within a couple of days and delivered to your doorstep in a week.  You can monitor your order online as Gogoprint makes it possible to track every step on your digital dashboard.

New Printing Technology

The Group uses advanced technology, which makes printing fast and cost-efficient. Bundling multiple orders from different customers, Gogoprint contributes to fast, cost and resource-efficient printing services that are accessible to both small and medium-sized enterprises.

Gogoprint Disruption

That level of efficiency enables Gogoprint Group to process more orders with fewer print runs — that means lower prices for customers and higher profit margins for the business. It also gives Gogoprint’s partners guaranteed volume, too.

Traditionally, the printing industry in Southeast Asia has been mainly focused on the production side: big print shops control a large share of the market, resulting in underserved SMEs and individuals who cannot afford high printing prices against low print runs.

Gogoprint Disruption

With technology on their side, Gogoprint aims to change the situation and bring transparency to the printing industry by providing companies in SEA with affordable print products. In the past three years, the Group has served more than 45,000 clients and processed around 250 Million orders.

Plans for the Upcoming Year

Recently, the Group has raised $7.7 Million Series A funding and now prepares to expand its operations in Asia Pacific. Gogoprint looks forward to entering Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea in 2019. The expansion will be funded by the funding received from Online Printing Group (OPG).

Products Available

With Gogoprint, entrepreneurs can order a wide range of print products from business cards to promotional fans. If your company has printing needs, you should definitely check out their website and see what products are available for order in your country.

With the user-friendly website both available in local languages and English, it is very easy to place your first order.