TMB Adds New Benefits Worth More Than 2.5 Million Baht

TMB Bank

TMB adds new benefits worth more than 2.5 million for TMB All Free customers, offering a maximum of 20 times of deposit for Accident Insurance coverage #FreeOfCharge.

TMB Bank

TMB continues developing the products and services under the philosophy of #MakeTheDifference in order to provide convenient, easy and fast services, good experience and maximum satisfaction for all customers. This also underlines their key message “Only TMB Account That Gives You More” (Everyday Everyone Gets More with TMB) and confirms that the operating account or TMB All Free is the single account that gives customers more than peers. TMB, therefore, offers an accident insurance coverage up to 20 times of deposit account at the maximum of 3 million baht to customers as soon as a client opens an account and applies for a debit chip card without any additional premium.

Customers who own TMB All Free accounts that hold TMB All Free debit chip cards, with outstanding balance in the account at least 5,000 baht or more 1 day before the date of accident occurred, will receive accident insurance covering death, loss of eyesight, loss of hearing, loss of utterance or permanent disability (OR.BOR. 2) for a maximum of 20 times of the deposit amount or up to 3 million baht per person. This is valid until the account is closed or the holder reaches the age of 70 years old.

TMB Bank

In addition, customers also receive various benefits such as free transaction fees via internet banking channels or mobile applications and ATMs of all banks throughout Thailand. Furthermore, online shopping can also get protection for the order that can be refunded in case the goods do not match the specification without additional charges. Besides, when getting cash in foreign countries from the card, it is subject to a lower fee and it can be used to pay for goods and services immediately, both domestic and international, with the exchange rate equivalent to those of the cheapest Booth Exchange for all currencies around the world. No charges for foreign currency conversion risk at 2.5%. More convenient and more secure because you can control the limit or personalize your card via the mobile application (TMB TOUCH) anytime, anywhere around the world.

More benefits for existing customers and new customers opening TMB All Free accounts with TMB All Free debit chip card can receive free accident coverage immediately. For customers interested in opening an account can walk in to all TMB branches. For more information, please reach TMB Contact Center at 1558 or visit

Source: Thailand Press Release News & TMB Facebook