Be Decisive & Persistent! It Matters

Be Decisive & Persistent! It Matters

Taking requisite decisions is perhaps the most result-sensitive part of a manager’s everyday work.
Therefore being decisive and sticking with decisions matters. Changing decisions frequently, on the other hand, creates confusion, uncertainty, and results in inefficiencies.

“The one word that makes a good manager – decisiveness.”

Lee Iacocca

In today’s fast-changing, volatile and unstable business world, there are external risks as well as differing opinions around… sometimes even irrational opinions which create your hesitancy. Even so, you need to respect your own decisions and endure in order to consistently maneuver yourself towards success and lead your teams towards the planned targets.

Decisions come in every form and with varying responsibilities.
Remember decision are made as part of an overall plan and involve most of the times more than one person | team member.

In the short-run, it is imperative to stick firmly with your decisions. It’s a bad habit to reverse and revoke the previously made decision.
We all agree on the importance of being agile and responsive to business environment changes, yet sometimes, you need to trust yourself and have the grit to go through the challenges, demonstrating commitment, conviction, and perseverance in your choice.

On a personal level, by being more decisive, you will also notice that you’ll feel emotionally more calm, efficient with your time (by deciding and moving on), more confident in your own actions and focused on your targets.

Opportunities come and go very fast. Keep your pace on par by staying decisive.

Sticking to your own decisions is a result of confidence (not necessarily personal, but businesswise), whereas the opposite may demonstrate an ambiguity in business leading to failure risks.
When you make decisions, there will always be other alternatives. Follow your instinct, your rationale, supported by the right information | business intelligence.
Ultimately if you hesitate, you will be unable to aim high.
Focus on the overall objectives and move forward with your existing plan for the eventual success.
Avoid negative thinking.
Decisiveness will lead to heightened performance, productivity and gratification in the long run

To conclude, have faith in your own decisions as a manager.
Once put into the implementation phase, keep on track with perseverance and maintain eyesight on the eventual success.
Accept new challenges objectively and don’t get distracted. Build your experience and business personality with decisiveness.

When you trust your own decisions, others will trust you more.

Do it with passion,
The Silomer