Spice Up Your Social Media Campaigns

Spice Up Your Social Media Campaigns

With countless restaurants and eateries, Bangkok is definitely a haven for food lovers who enjoy their time socializing around food experiences together with friends and peers.

Whether in Silom, Sukhumvit or Asoke, the center of Bangkok is virtually brimming with choices of restaurants, bistros, sidewalk stools and cafes offering both local and international food, cuisine and delicacies.

In Bangkok alone there are probably 10,000 licensed establishments if not more which compete to cater, feed and delight all the appetites.
For the consumer, this is a bonus, a varied and spread choice to choose from. From a restauranteurs point of view, this is an opportunity of course as the market is vibrant, lucrative, sizeable yet extremely competitive.

More than 90% of your competitors are present online and on social media and perhaps more than 50% are actively engaged in promotions on a daily basis. Are you?

Strategies to consider when creating your restaurant’s Thai presence on Wongnai, Facebook, Instagram, Trip Advisor, Eatigo, Google, Google Maps and so forth.

Establish yourself wisely and professionally (as far as photography and descriptions are concerned)
Present your business identity with authentic and true business values
Keep your “social voice” consistent over time, do it steadily, as part of a weekly, monthly or yearly plan
Don’t be shy away from targeting your business in terms of geolocation, demographics and customer interests
Promote for Inbound traffic. Use google SEO and SEM tools to get your content indexed, reaching the wider online crowd
Create periodic storylines evolving around your seasonal dishes, offerings, pricings and appetizing deals
Elevate your influence with unique offerings which are particular with your own cuisine and gastronomic abilities
Generate Word of Mouth endorsements and engagements with feedback requests
Communicate with a tone which is interesting, clear, modest, reachable and acceptable to your target market
Engage with creating social value for your customers

I would emphasize that the location, the food, the authenticity, the service, the management and the crowd make a big part of the restaurant’s identity, however, social media is also doing wonders today by getting your messages across, helping successful restaurateurs in promoting their venue and offering. Additionally, restaurants are engaging the public with their creativity, as well as colorful and tasteful culinary content.

As a restauranteur, social content is increasingly your campaign front for interconnectivity with your customers or potential customers.
You need to participate, elevate, entertain, offer and attract with your cuisine art. 85% of all those active content builders admit that social media is instrumental to get new customers and new traffic in.

Own the initiatives and move forward with your unique content.
Time is moving forward so, should you!

Do it with passion,
The Silomer