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Lan Din | Authentic Coffee & Unique Recipes

LAN DIN Coffee

Lan Din means Ground, Earth and perhaps to begin with, the name says a lot about the philosophy behind this unique Coffee and the consequent Coffee shop.


Run by a team of passionate baristas and organic coffee enthusiasts, Lan Din offers premium coffee from the hills of Northern Thailand. Particularly the Arabica beans come straight from the farmers and are organically grown at a small village called Mae La Noï in the hills of Northern Thailand, by the Karen hill tribes at 1200-1300 meters altitude.

Echoing the idea of closeness to nature… farming, traditions, and community life, the coffee shop is set up in a very green area with a nice park next to the coffee shop.

Visitors can enjoy the green areas at the terrace and around the shop whilst relaxing, sipping on their aromatic coffee and taking a break on a busy day in Bangkok.

There’s generally a positive feel to the Lan Din Coffee shop, which besides classic coffee recipes, also create their own recipes like their signature Pink Lemonade Espresso, Purple Coffee, Coconut Cold Brew, Coconut Flower Shakerato & White Mocha… and even for the daring ones; they propose coffee-based cocktails such as Espresso Martini.


As an added bonus to pastry lovers, the Lan Din Coffee shop team relies on their paternal gastronomic traditions and works with pastry chefs, baking their our own pastries and bread. How about this home-made olive bread to go along the morning coffee to boost the morning waking-up chat?


All in all, Lan Din Coffee shop is a modest yet a pleasant place with a meaningful, product driven and a passionate story behind it, located at the court of Pantip Suites Hotel, Soi Sathorn 1, certainly worth visiting.